Boxcar Bertha ★★½

It's funny to compare this piece of shit to Mean Streets, which was made just a year later by the same director. This film is pretty horrible. This script is incredibly boring and drawn out (even though it only runs 88 minutes) and the actors aren't much better. The acting in the very first scene is laughable. The film only cost $600,000 to make, and it was only Scorcese's second picture. His direction is okay. It was easily the best thing about it, but it still wasn't wonderful. The final shot I did like. One gets the feeling Scorcese was stifled by a very small budget and a poor script, and was possibly making the film on somebody else's (Roger Corman's) terms. I only say this because Mean Streets came out so soon after and is a great film. This really really is not.

I'd almost have given it an extra star if that damn hillbilly music didn't come on every time a train came into the shot.