The Mitchells vs. The Machines

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This review may contain spoilers.

this was fucking great lol. i’m always annoyed by queerbaiting and even tho i’m still mixed on weather or not the film does queerbait, it doesn’t feel like it’s not queerbaiting. but it’s a really lovely movie. i felt genuine investment in all of the characters. yeah yeah it’s a bit generic but hey, this is the type of generic i can get on board with. it’s funny, heartfelt, with lots of beautiful colors. how could i not like it?

i had chuckled through most of the movie but when the dog threw olivia colman’s character into a glass of water i gave a high pitched one second laugh. and when they let go of katie midair i said out loud “oh fuck you olivia colman!” (not actually i love her). 

we’ll see how luca is, but i’m currently rooting for this to win the animated feature oscar.

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