Tenet ★★

Boutta lose followers for this one.

I'm sorry, I don't care if it makes more sense on second watch (not the sign of a well structured film imo), i'm not going to pay money to have Chris insult my intelligence with that screenplay again. I swear to god guys, if this wasn't written by Nolan we'd all be taking the piss out of it.

"if I can't have you, no-one can."

Really? Really?

Poor acting (from Kenny Beats, everyone else was just fine), poor writing (see above), poor editing (disjointed plot points and scene transitions with the fluidity of a brick), the cinematography was nice and the whole tenet schtick was interesting until they over-use it and it becomes a nonsense fest where you cant tell who is who or what's happening. Nolan takes an interesting, unique premise, uses it well in a couple scenes and then runs it into the ground.

Ben, Hussy, I'll see ya in the comment section. God speed.

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