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  • T2 Trainspotting

    T2 Trainspotting


    I can see why people who were of the right age at the time of the original Trainspotting - people for whom it was their film - would love this. A faithful return to the characters, reflecting on how people and the world can change in twenty years but essentially stay the same.

    I was a little too young when the original came out and so perhaps am not the target audience, and I didn't love it. But I was…

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    Features my favourite scenes of Ralph Fiennes swearing. Yes, even above In Bruges.

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  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    So damn manly.

    Men going around smashing other men. Big muscly scary men. Pulling each other's eyes out, throwing them through windows, kicking them in the manhood. The manliest place to kick a man.

    Sure, the women get to jump around and have fun murdering too – "strong female characters"? – no, they're without exception motivated, defined even, by the big muscly scary men they're in love with.

    Nothing original, nothing emotional, nothing clever. Lots of face-smashing.

    It looks nice, though.

  • Her



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Spike Jonze’s tale of a lonely man falling in love with his operating system is not one to go and see if you’re feeling lonely – Joaquin Phoenix’s Theodore Twombly is lonely at the start and ends it lonely. Even his computer leaves him.

    It’s not incredibly upsetting, just relentlessly downbeat. Not in an inert, cold way, as some critics have accused it – at least no more than it's getting across the lead character's own emptiness. I see it…