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  • Near Dark
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Blade Runner
  • Dead Man

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  • When I Get Home


  • The Big Dog


  • Moonstruck


  • They Live by Night


Recent reviews

  • Moonstruck



    Let it be known that at 1:21:15 Johnny Cammareri enters the Castorini residence greeted by Rose Castorini, drops his bag and proceeds to the living room and doesn't shut the front door of the house.

  • Das Boot

    Das Boot


    Ok so plane movies are usually always a bad experience.
    However... ngl I kinda had the best experience watching this on my laptop on a plane flying over the Mediterranean. It was dark and claustrophobic and during the scenes with depth charges most of the time it sunk up with plane turbulence! So I was fully immersed. 10/10 would try again.

Popular reviews

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    Finally everyone will shut the fuck up about The Dark Knight

  • Titane



    There’s a lot to unpack with Titane I’ll be thinking about it for days I definitely loved it more than Raw, apparently 16 people fainted at my screening and a bunch walked out but I absolutely couldn’t not look away.