The Card Counter

The Card Counter ★★★★½

Walked out of this movie after it was over and my best friend, whose opinion I value greatly, turns to me and says “that’s one of the worst movies I’ve seen.”  I couldn’t disagree more. This movie is a tense, masterfully crafted drama that explores the commodification of American torture through the lens of a disgraced-veteran-turned-professional-poker-player. I mean COME ON. Although it’s not surprising to me that this is a polarizing movie. If you don’t get with the program in the first 20 or so minutes, you’re gonna hate it. But I bought into that quite, colorful “Paul Schraederness” of the whole thing and will be surprised if I like another movie more this year. The dialogue and internal monologues are convoluted yet feel effortless. Every decision is so focused on progressing the plot and advancing the themes of the story. Oscar Isaac’s performance is exquisite and worthy of at least a nomination. I’m seeing it again this weekend and will update my thoughts in a more specific way then. 


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