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  • Sullivan's Travels
  • Written on the Wind
  • The Apartment
  • All About My Mother

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  • After Life

  • It Came from Outer Space


  • Stop Making Sense


  • One Sings, the Other Doesn't


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  • After Life

    After Life

    This is a particularly successful entry in the "blend documentary with narrative" category, especially as the real elements are completely sublimated in the design of the film and edited seamlessly with the constructed elements. I wondered while watching if some of these memories were real...they were! It's a lovely meditation on life and a deeply human look the power of cinema (and representation) itself.

  • It Came from Outer Space

    It Came from Outer Space


    I could have sworn I watched this as a kid, but nothing rang a bell. And maybe that's because much of it is kinda unmemorable (and slow).

    There is some bravura in the way Arnold reveals the space creatures, through a long, dark sequence into the ship that leaves behind the perspective we've seen for the first 15 mins or so. The nuanced threat of the creatures — not quite enemies but not quite benevolent — works too. The film seems to think its alien design is grosser than it is, but it isn't not a little gross.

Popular reviews

  • She Said

    She Said

    Solid one of these journalism movies. They work for me as intended.

    There's a line I found funny where someone's recalling a Weinstein incident and says something like, "Harvey was in a meeting with Scorsese, who hated him" just to make sure there's no way the viewer might get the wrong idea about Marty.

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life


    Who is the guy that gives Mary's boring suitor the key to make the pool open?! Why does he care?!