Minari ★★★★

Finally saw Minari!

It's very good. I'm struggling to think of many other films that take place in the United States and aren't primarily in English.* That's a huge subversive statement on its own, but it goes further. The conflicts here, internal (the family) and external (environmental, economic), are specific to these characters. Basically: they aren't standing in to tell us about cultural tensions or racism. Those things exist here, but the family has agency in their identity and their drama. And the drama is strong! Complicated marriage, intergenerational strain, religious questions, farm stuff. It's lovely! It's personal! Everyone's great! Pretty movie! 

*Menashe is one, which also contains its story within a family/community instead of focusing on how it exists next to the outside world. Melville's Two Men In Manhattan is another, which has nothing to do with that.

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