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  • Speed



    No hyperbole or exaggeration, this is the greatest action film that exists. And that is a fucking fact. I love Speed so much. I love it, so much.  It has, The greatest of greats of greatness-Fucking score, DoP, direction, and fucking acting-all combined to be the best of 1994 or like ever. You tense up you jerk off (don’t even lie) you fucking laugh you get mad and you fucking cry you little bitch it’s so manipulative and goddamn great,…

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  • Chopping Mall

    Chopping Mall


    The Killbots are huge dicks but they looked amazing, especially shooting those awesome lasers at everyone!❤️ 

    Everything in this is SO 80s, so I was very happy. Fun flick! 

    Hooptober Film 7/31

  • The Blues Brothers

    The Blues Brothers


    This is my Fucking Chicago jam right here. I grew up here this is my city and my love (side note, Sox fan tho), the greatest city in the fucking whole world and this is my Chicago jam Right Fucking Here. There isn’t a better beautiful film to represent my city and it’s Fucking beautiful Fucking SOUL. I ADORE the blues brothers. I am in love with every frame every second every line, every song, it makes me laugh, makes…

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  • Mandy








    Marry me Nic Cage

    RIP Jóhann 

    Thank you Panos, you beautiful genius


    Literally the greatest film, a fucking face melter, a body melter, you will literally turn into a pile of mush but you will be so happy. There are very few things better than this kind of (amazing amazing amazing amazing amazing) experience; and the taped q&a after the film with Nic Cage, Panos, & Linus, led by Kevin Smith was one of…

  • Mandy



    I guess I only watch MANDY now.....

    Seriously tho, the music, Jóhann’s beautiful music is the greatest I’ve ever heard. That’s why I can’t stop. Mostly. Maybe. Idk. It gets so so fucking heavy man, and when it does it is the fucking best. Seems to be so beautifully inspired by Icelandic death metal, slowed down and composed brilliantly in the most amazing inspired beautiful way and so heavy especially toward the end and just so magnificently gorgeously beautiful jerk…