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  • The Ages Of Lulu

    The Ages Of Lulu


    One of the most erotic films I’ve ever seen-And those who read these reviews/care knows what that means if you know what I watch. Amazing. I’ll preface the shit out of this by saying this will NOT be for everyone. At all. Absolutely not at all. So figure that out first before you watch. But oh boy was this for me. Goddamn love this shit.

  • The Loved Ones

    The Loved Ones


    There is something so amazing about that fucking drill scene that is so fucking cathartic omgggggggg. Idk if it’s the sound, the music that starts playing- getting louder and louder as things escalate-or how every sound and movement is in sync with the editing, but everything is perfect. This is a hell of a movie. One of the greatest modern horror films, and one of my all time favorites.

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    This was even better the second time.  By the end of the film I had a cathartic release of tears and emotion that overwhelmed and terrified me, but also comforted me.  It felt so therapeutic. It was perfect.  I sat in my seat through the entirety of the end credits, stunned again by the film’s beauty and power. 

    The saddest thing is that my theater was nearly empty. And it opened today.  Please, go see this. It really should be seen on the big screen if it’s playing near you. It’s such a special film.

  • Revenge



    I offered you to leave without putting up a fight. But you had to put up a fight. Women always have to put up a fucking fight.”

    Fuck. YES. Fargeat joins Ducournau as my biggest female inspirations working today.  Just, W O W. This was satisfying in so, so many ways. It’s so stylish and the filmmaking is fierce. The word that keeps coming to mind is ‘fierce’ for all of this. Confident. Aggressive. Experimental. Playful. No fucks given. Beautiful. Perfect Debut. I love the editing. And by far the best French extreme film I’ve seen thus far.