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  • Mausoleum



    I remember this from back in the VHS days... I seem to really this having a wicked 3d cover (or it might have been The Lamp, or both...) and my mate pushing the movie on me with a "just watch it" argument. Also the same lad who got me into Italian fare, as one of his classic "just watch it" watered down dupes had the first ten minutes of Argento's Inferno at the back end of the tape, and those…

  • The Rift

    The Rift


    My youngest kid wanted to watch Cameron’s The Abyss, and then I remembered it goes on forever so when he popped into the kitchen to set himself up with some movie snacks I switched discs and we did The Rift instead. Lolz

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  • The Last Shark

    The Last Shark


    If you try to explain to somebody who has no insight into the world of Italian genre cinema that this film got it's self banned and pulled from distribution in the US during the eighties for "being too much a Jaws film" they'd think you where an imbecile. But as you know, it did, and there's a bloody good reason for that too. It's a sodding great movie that really is too much of a Jaws movie, at times better.…

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Today is Meistro Lucio Fulci's Birthday. He would have been 88 if he was still with us. Through the years and a lot of repetitive viewing of his gems balanced out with basically the most of his entire back catalogue, yes even the Chet Baker musical comedy, I've come to rank Fulci as one of the greatest Italian directors of genre film ever.

    To celebrate his memory, I've cracked open the Grindhouse bluray, and compared to the other two blurays…