Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ★★★★★

Oh how I love this piece of exploitation history in its magnificence as it melds neorealism, adventure film and the cannibal genre to perfection through a non-linear narrative, mixing formats and aestetics to create the ultimate illusion.

It's also a damned fine example of how lowbrow filmmaking rubbed off on mainstream and highbrow cinema, leaving an imprint, a legacy and a whole new genre in its wake. The found footage genre that is, the cannibal genre was already a thing when this was released. Although this is the pinnacle of the genre in every possible way.

I've seen this a stupendous amount of times, and this year it turns 40, so I'm revisiting it AGAIN as I'm holding a celebratory introduction ahead of a screening in February.

So much fun; today we eat muskrat!

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