The Man in the Orange Jacket

The Man in the Orange Jacket ★★★★

What happens after a murderous home invasion? That is the question Armenian born director Aik Karapetian asks in his debut film The Man in the Orange Jacket, a low key, intriguing horror drama.

After being sacked from his job at the harbor, Dan [Maxim Lazarev] walks straight to his former bosses house, breaks in and murders both him and his wife. Normally this would be the climax or a midpoint, but Karapetian uses the powerful and violent moment as his opening scene only to latch onto Dan and follow his struggle and nightmares that the guilt of his deeds bring with them.

The first Latvian horror film is a dark, surreal affair which holds a dense atmosphere and an over all eerie vibe through out its 71 minute run time.

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