Tenet ★★★★½

This is my third viewing and now I can (finally) confidently say I understand virtually everything in this movie. Man there's nothing like a movie that keeps bringing you back and offers more and more to soak in on each rewatch! I've literally seen it 3 times in 9 days and I'm still buzzing after seeing it (and am planning on seeing it again next week lol).

The more I understand Tenet, the more I'm able to appreciate just how masterfully helmed this movie is. I really don't think Nolan is getting enough credit for what he has accomplished here. He's somehow intricately weaved multiple storylines and timeliness to form an epic story with stakes completely unlike anything ever seen in film before. And then he manages to completely change your perception of the film by the end.

I know much has been said over the sound mixing and dialogue in this movie so I want to say this: I've seen this film 3 times now; in 3 different screens and 2 different cinema chains. The only time I struggled with the dialogue at all was that first IMAX viewing. I think the loud bass honestly works really well and gives this amazing and prepulsive beat - the problem is that in massive soundsystems like IMAX the bass seems to be amplified a lot more than the dialogue, hence the issues. Obviously I haven't a clue about sound mixing but it doesn't seem as simple as just being an inherent problem with the way in which the film's audio was originally mixed.

Anyway, I fucking love Tenet. It's by far my favourite film of the year so far and I'm somehow still super pumped to see it a fourth time soon.

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