Tenet ★★★★★

Yes, I have now seen this movie 4 times now. And yes, I still absolutely love it!

I know this film is very divisive but nobody will ever convince me that this isn't an awesome movie. I've said it before but, from a technical standpoint, Tenet really is a masterpiece. The things Nolan has managed to accomplish here are mind blowing and we will never see anything like this again in a movie. The editing, stuntwork, soundtrack, cinematography...it's all fantastic.

The story somehow gets better everytime I watch it. This was my fourth viewing and I still got chills so many times and was just so thrilled by this film from start to finish. It's a damn bold narrative to tell - and unfortunately that didn't work for a lot of people (which I can understand) - but I admire the hell out of Nolan for even trying it.

Edit: Bumping it up to 5 stars. I just love this movie too damn much to give it anything else.

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