Tenet ★★★★★

I'm adding Tenet to my list of all time favourites. I have to. I've seen it 5 times now and tonight I was still grinning like an idiot, pumped out of my mind throughout the whole film.

The opening opera siege and the highway heist will go down as some of my favourite movie moments of all time. The adrenaline rush from those two masterfully scored and directed sequences is just too much to bear.

By now, I'm way beyond the point of struggling to get my mind around the plot and time stuff. But in its place is an overwhelming sense of confusion from trying to figure out how the hell Nolan managed to do all this. How did he even begin to go about writing this, let alone directing some of these action sequences - particularly that time bending finale? He really is one of the most brilliant filmmakers of all time.

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