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  • The Cranes Are Flying
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  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    'i'll remember you everything'

    Mike Mills knows and understands the true beauty of being and getting to feel things and experience the world around us. With his films, he makes us feel safe and with this one in particular he teaches us to care for what is surrounding us even if from down there things don't always appear as clear as if you were seeing them from up above, overlooking the city and its people. but he shows us the world…

  • Waves



    i just love her so much, but i'm loosing her and i don't know what do to... 

    Waves is loud, it's noisy and it's mean but so is life. it gets bad, really bad, it hurts a lot and sometime it feels like it will never get better. It's brutal and raw, emphasizing every sounds, every beats of heart,, every waves crashing on the coast. the sound of the wind slowly going through the trees, the rain falling on your…

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  • EMPATHY (Or: The Girl with The Pearled Hair)

    EMPATHY (Or: The Girl with The Pearled Hair)

    EMAPTHY: or the girl with the pearled hair is absolutely gorgeous, such an important story told with genuine care and love with a stellar cast and cinematography that transports you into the film and its quite unsettling atmosphere. I swear i could feel everything from that night joey went looking for ivy in the strange house with red lights.
    there's something so beautiful about being able to create stories and characters that allow people to feels things and feel seen…

  • Maid



    When we get to Missoula, I’m gonna take Maddy up Sentinel Mountain, which looks over the town, and show her our new home. I’ve been telling her all about the giant M that’s at the tippy-top of the mountain. That the trail up there is long and zig-zaggy. The hike will be hard, but we’re gonna make it to the top. And when we do, I’m gonna tell her that the M stands for “Maddy”. That this whole new world is for her.

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