Under the Silver Lake ★★★★½

Beware the dog killer and keep quiet, this is not a safe place. 

I have never been to Los Angeles but I think for everyone it's sort of dream to go there because of all the movies we've seen. We've all dreamed of walking on Sunset Boulevard where we can see, in the distance, the famous hill of Hollywood. We've all discovered this city of angels through films like The Party by Blake Edwards or Mullholand Drive by David Lynch. So many films that all give a vision between lights and shadows of Los Angeles. And today, we rediscover it, through all its myths, with Under The Silver Lake
A succession of emblematic places, like the planetarium overlooking Hollywood as a tribute to the movie Rebel Without a Cause and James Dean. 
A parade of colorful, unusual and terrifying people who all seem to be obsessed with either Marylin Monroe or Kurt Cobain. At some point in the movie, there's a scene that involves an unexpected amount of blood and Kurt's Fender Mustang. And I think it's brilliant. All this extremely well done with an amazing cinematography that will remind you of every classics you've seen before. 
But what I loved more than anything is the intrigue that over the minutes becomes more and more disturbing and incomprehensible. With mind-blowing scenes based on light effects accompanied by a soundtrack that, sometimes gets a little disturbing and will remind you of Hitchcock, add to this a lot, (and when I say a lot I mean it) of pop culture references.   
And then Andrew Garfield's characters, the craziest of them all, who could easily be mistaken with a characters that's straight out of a movie directed by the Coen brothers, which is perfect.

I didn't give this five starts because of the end, that, you'll see, is kind of a disappointment compared to the rest of the movie. But I mean it was still amazing, captivating and I had a good laugh. 

(the struggle in writing this review was real)

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