Under the Silver Lake ★★★★½

Our world is filled with codes

I haven't watched a movie in two days and let's be honest I felt kinda empty but I had a wonderful week end, probably the greatest week end of my life? And I'm not exaggerating at all!!
Anyway, I'm glad my dad liked Under The Silver Lake, unlike my mon who completely hated it? Uh I'm sorry you have no taste mom... (she also hated Mulholland Drive so I'm not even surprised)  

My dad said something really interesting : "there's nothing special to understand about this movie, there's no message. it's just a crazy film, an atmosphere carried by parties, lust and colorful characters." And indeed I think he's right. I know that a lot of people were disappointed because they, spoiler alert, never find out who the infamous dog killer is ( probably cause they were expecting a regular thriller/crime movie, but it's nothing like that). I believe that this film is voluntarily made of  secondary and mostly unexplained stories, which when connected, create an atmosphere. And that's the whole point, to create an atmosphere like a tribute to Los Angeles, and to movies. You might not understand anything but it's fine. This movie is meant to be watched for his visuals, his soundtracks and his whacky characters. David Robert Mitchell wanted to make a movie about Los Angeles, showing everything, even the darkest part, of this world known city, and he made it. And I think he did great.

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