Waves ★★★★½

i love you
i love you too
i love you so much 

as true love waits by radiohead starts playing l looked back at this film and wondered how in the span of only two hours it was able to transcribe so many emotions in so many different ways. it's very weird but in some ways this films reminds you that you have to cherish the little moments of happiness in your life. because even when it gets all sweet, the minute after it becomes almost unbearable. waves feels exactly like being alive (as cliché as it can be), like i've said in my previous review, it's noisy and very brutal, it's not always perfect or easy but it feels real. i find it hard to express what this represents to me as i don't want to repeat myself so i guess here's a lil write up i did a while ago on this film 👉🏻👈🏻 : https://boxd.it/106pMz

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