Logan ★★★★

"Bad shit happens to the people I care about"

"..then I'll be fine"

A vastly different comic book movie simply because it decides to focus solely on one characters struggle on his past and future choices, Logan is the darkest film in the marvel catalog yet, but it is also one of their best films because of that choice.

Hugh Jackman brings back that familiarity of a rough and angry mutant that we all know and love, but he also adds the mentality of an aging Logan that's coming to terms with his situation. Patrick Stewart is also back as Professor Xavier, perfectly demonstrating how his journey is just as similar as Logan's but worse, he's almost always been a father figure to Logan and it clearly show's, Xavier's is the films emotional anchor and it's comedic sigh simultaneously. The real breakout in Logan that will have you cheering is actress Dafne Keen as X-23/Laura, she kicks ass alot harder than Logan and is an amazing addition to this universe.

Overall, Logan is an essential addition to the X-men franchise and an example of how standalone superhero movies should be done, James Mangold returns to direct with such precision, thankfully allowing hard R violence but never overusing it.

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