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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    MASTERPIECE!!!!!!! Wow I’m blown away. This was hilarious, suspenseful and incredibly engaging. It was a time loop that I didn’t want to end. I know this film borrows from others (or evolves from others) but it really feels like something so incredibly original. There was so many moments I was laughing out loud. So many things that I didn’t see coming I loved so much. 

    Amazing performances from everyone. This deserves to be up for best original screenplay. I don’t…

  • The Master

    The Master


    One of my favorites of all time, every time I watch it. Paul Thomas Anderson (my one true god) only makes masterpieces. This movie is always so hopeful and beautiful. Freddie has so much darkness and sadness in him but by the end he’s evolved so much, and there’s so much happiness. And the friendship between him and Dodd is amazing. Their chemistry is amazing. 

    I’m always blown away by both Joaquin’s and Philip’s performance in this. Not that it’s…

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  • Guava Island

    Guava Island


    Donald is a god. What an amazing Coachella performance (greatest of all time) followed by an excellent little film. Beautifully shot. Everyone did great. Very surreal ending. 

    Would love if back in 2013 they got a film made for the BTI screenplay as well, that was amazing. Still have my hard copy that I treasure. 

    Excited for when me and Donald are best friends in two short years ~ see you then.

    Thank you Donald

  • The Passenger

    The Passenger


    Man, gets better and better upon every re watch. I love this film so much. Such a masterpiece. And Jack’s performance here is such a masterpiece in itself. So subtle and nuanced and detailed and authentic. Charismatic and compelling and real. I know this is already known information, but I love that he purchased the rights to this film so he could restore it for future generations. As far as I know it’s his favorite film he’s made so far.…