Spaceship ★★★½

Sad this has got such low ratings! It actually has some really heart felt moments, poetic! It’s strange, it’s part document of youth subculture and part social drama and part sci fi and part experimental existential poem!
Well, not bad, not a perfect description of it!

It hardly has any effects, the sci fi elements are pretty much all spoken, all concepts, ideas, never fully confirmed to us, it seems to be more about human connection, I found it quite life affirming!

It’s not perfect, the sound wasn’t great, sometimes it flashed a little with the music, sometimes I liked the music and sometimes I didn’t! But I don’t mind so much! I can enjoy this and then enjoy a movie with perfect cinematography and sound and everything!
I thought this had a decent natural script and some good acting! Not always but it didn’t take me away from the other elements it was exploring!

Really glad I saw this rare film!