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  • Winchester


    "Winchester is the house that ghosts built. Despite dropping that latter half from its title near the end of its marketing campaign โ€“ donโ€™t worry, the film wonโ€™t let you forget. A series of plot-less sound bites and jumbled jump scares, youโ€™ll wonder if the team behind Winchester have ever studied gothic horror. When I anticipate a haunted romp through a turn of the century mansion, with all its crooks, crannies, corners, and looming shadows โ€“ I want pacing. Iโ€ฆ

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    "I regard Guillermo del Toro as one of the most (if not the) most esteemed genre filmmakers of the 21st century. His ability to tell enrapturing tales about life, love, and loss through fantastical and sometimes frightening vehicles, is unparalleled. Whether motivated by ghoulish red ghosts in Crimson Peak, a frightening Faun in Pans Labyrinth, or a sighing spectre in The Devilโ€™s Backbone, del Toro has always been able to find humanity in the darkest of places. And as inevitableโ€ฆ

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  • The Ritual

    The Ritual


    "Not since 2005โ€™s The Descent have we seen a film successfully pair the very real and scary elements of being lost in the wilderness with the threat of something paranormal. THE RITUAL develops a sense of dread and consistently ups the ante, dragging us through the woods towards a climax that is both unexpected and riveting."

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  • My Friend Dahmer

    My Friend Dahmer


    "My Friend Dahmer paints a grey picture of a story normally seen starkly in black and white. In headlines, Dahmer has a host of vile designations; a Monster, The Milwaukee Cannibal, a Necrophiliac, a Psychopath.. โ€“ all of them earned. But, what about the person he was before he committed those vile and heinous murders? Are the people who take the lives of others always sadistic monsters โ€“ or are they shaped, molded by a cruel and neglectful upbringing?