Blockers ★★★½

my thoughts:
—genuinely very heartwarming and sweet
—the irony of the guy whose signature look is a fedora being named chad was incredible
—could’ve done without some of the gross-out humor tbh but other than that I laughed a LOT
—not just one lizzo song, but TWO??? some points were made!!!
—“alright. it’s fuck o’clock”
—I can’t believe I find a dude with a fucking man bun attractive, HOWEVER he is susan sarandon’s son, so it makes a lot of sense for me!!
—also speaking of connor I’m almost positive that I know exactly which vape he was using in the limo and that....says a lot about me
—when the parents were rushing out of lisa’s house after they read julie’s texts not ONE of them closed the front door behind them!! it was left WIDE OPEN and it made me SO anxious
—I have adored leslie mann ever since I saw her as corinne in big daddy when I was like, 5, and I still adore her now!!! she’s so fucking funny!!!!!!
—sam’s coming out arc was perfect and so touching and relatable and it was made even BETTER with her getting a happy ending with angelica!!! it’s what she deserves 😭🤧
—ALSO??? julie and austin dancing to this town by NIALL FUCKING HORAN before they lose their virginities to each other was both fucking hilarious and incredibly tender

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