Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

can y’all believe I’ve seen this film a solid dozen times now and yet this is the FIRST time I’ve ever watched it with the commentary on?? I’m a fake bitch! (but also I have adhd so trying to watch this was a real workout for my brain lol)

anyways, here’s a list of my favorite quotes from david fincher throughout this commentary because we truly do stan a hilarious genius 

“the blonde chick might die!”

“I love this idea of romance amongst garbage”

“I love the idea of nick dunne finally sort of pointing out to the police, wait a minute, this is a felony, we have to do something about this, and it’s like dude....what do you think murder is? are you confused about what the circumstances are here....what the consequences are of your actions?”

“I mean, this is not to condone her behavior in any way, but.....” (yes it is shut UP)

“I looooove kim dickens”

“so....now the movie gets really weird”

“everybody bitches and moans about how many takes....people I’ve never even met complain about how many takes I shoot” (🤡)

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