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This review may contain spoilers.

as someone who unironically watches and genuinely enjoys soap operas (the young and the restless gang!! genoa city 4ever babey!!), I was fully prepared to love this—and I kinda did at first! it was delightfully campy and melodramatic, and a perfect satire of soap opera tropes and cliches, plus sally field is and will always be the GOAT in everything she ever does! but maaaaan, that transphobic twist really left the worst taste in my mouth 😬 like I know it was 1991, so it’s a “product of its time” and all, but it was still just SO awful and gross and cringey and deeply unfunny. I would’ve liked this so much more if they hadn’t resorted to such a bigoted cheap “joke” of an ending! anyways, as with literally any film featuring her ever.....not nearly enough carrie fisher!

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