Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs ★★★★

Welcome to the 2022 Quentin Tarantino Review! It’s been 30 years since QT broke out of Sundance, and to honor it, I’m going to watch his filmography in chronological order, ranking it as I go. 

I’ve always had a somewhat distant relationship with Tarantino’s debut. I saw Pulp Fiction first, and perhaps believing the hype (and Roger Ebert), I saw Dogs as the respectable run-up to the truly great, paradigm shifting masterwork. Think Isn’t Anything and Loveless, or The Bends and OK Computer. I like all the parts of this analogy, but it seemed crazy that people considered this a five-star film. It’s too rough around the edges, too bleak.

And yet, the film grows on me the more I watch it. I’m stating to see more of the humanity at the heart of the violence, the urgency and poise in the film’s rough edges. I’m also reminded of that brief time where it seemed like Michael Madsen was going to be a huge star. (I haven’t listened to the Rewatchables podcast yet, but surely this is Madsen’s Apex Mountain.)

It’s still got some things that bother me more today than they did when I was a teenager, things I’ll definitely elaborate more on with later films. Let me just savor the fact that a film I once thought was kinda overrated got a little bit better to me.

Coming soon: my first viewing of True Romance