Spencer ★★★★★

Are you kidding me?
.....No, seriously I mean you've got to be shitting my dick with how good this is!? The bloody lighting, the bloody production and costume design, the iconic signature Larraín angles!! All of this works and gels so well on so many levels that I can’t even begin to comprehend the depth of. 

Look, I'm not blind to its flaws - and there are a few - But, the truth is I love this because of its flaws and because it moves so far into one direction and stubbornly sticks there. There is an unwavering touch to the whole idea of what this movie is about, and all the places it can take you to when you’re along for the ride. 

This feels like such a breath of fresh air, there is so much power in the immensely distinct way Pablo and his team managed to capture an idea of a moment. Which may be the truth but two cousins over.

I'd also like to throw over a giant bag of clapping hands to the one and only Claire Mathon, she is truly a god among us. I can't wait to Diana-style ugly sob at all the other projects she gets to work on.

I can't speak on the technicals of its historical accuracy and I don't think many people could or should be able to. I just appreciate that this is an entire ride of emotion from start to finish, the grandness of its scope along with the effervescent Kristen Stewart made this so easy to gulp up in one sitting.

I'll say it again at the risk of beating a dead horse into the ground via repetition; This isn't perfect by any means, no movie really is. And that to me is what makes movies special, the very fact that -like human beings - their imperfections are what make them wholly unique to us. Movies are simply the best extensions of ourselves and our lives. And boy does this movie show that to me. 

I've just completely fallen in love with the entire aesthetic and appeal that displays itself as raw nostalgia in its truest we-filmed-this-like-barry-Lyndon-because-historical-accuracy-god-dammit. I mean speak about sticking to the subject matter, this whole project just looks and feels like the 90s! It was shot on 16mm Kodak no less! 

I will speak now and for many years to come upon which I suspect I will have rewatched this a million and one times over, the feel and authentic style this brings to the fiction/biopic drama cross-over is overtly unique, in the best Larraín way possible.

Congratulations to Kristen Stewart on winning the academy award for best actress in a motion picture (drama).

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