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  • Kedi



    I hope a cat leads me to a wallet full of money soon

  • Black Orpheus

    Black Orpheus


    I was surprised there wasn't more bossa nova music in this, since that's the main thing I went into this knowing about (and it's the focus of the tagline here on letterboxd!)

    It works more as a documentary I think, but I liked the light layering of myth and surrealism too.  Some of the imagery definitely infiltrated my dreams last night.

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  • Mandy



    (Evil Dead 2 + LSD + cocaine - Campbell + Cage) ^ (Predator / [Hellraiser % LotR]) * LSD

  • Midsommar


    This movie was real deep and symbolic. For example:

    - The part where the dude pissed on a tree represents Ari Aster pissing on cinema.
    - The part where a character is named "Ingmar" represents that Ari Aster went to film school.
    - The part where the boyfriend steals the other guy's thesis represents Ari Aster stealing all of his ideas.
    - The part where an "unclouded" boy writes a book by finger painting on it represents Ari Aster, writing…