A Night at the Roxbury

A Night at the Roxbury ★★★★½

For the sheer amount of times they play What Is Love, among other countless classics, this film reigns supreme. A hilarious cast and some just goofy characters makes this movie so fun to watch as comedy legends Will Farrell and Chris Kattan raise the roof off nightclubs as the hob from location to location, making complete and utter bumbling fools of themselves.

This movie feels like a parody of dumb and dumber but much stronger and just completely off the rails ridiculous. The jokes are written quite humorously and the chemistry between Kattan and Farrell is superb. Seeing Eva Mendes, Michael Clarke Duncan and Mark McKinney get small but funny roles is great and the jokes about Richard Grieco were so good. Lochlyn Munro was the third additional piece to the brothers which added the extra funny jokes in the conversations and Molly Shannon was hilarious as Bridezilla.

It’s definitely the quickly paced, snappy dialogue and comically stupid physical humor of the brothers that makes this movie so damn great.