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This review may contain spoilers.

Saw II suffers the same flaws of the original, but still the same incredible unfolding for it’s gritty storyline and astounding ending. It’s a perfect and worth sequel for Saw and fits nicely as a subsequent watch after Saw. The cast is great, now adding Donnie Wahlberg to the mix and this time playing tribute to the fort film through an escape room scenario with ex-convicts.

The twists in this are amazing, all tying in together and making perfect sense in the end. Hints of what actually is happening is spread thin, until finally coming to the finale where the ending, while not as iconic as the first film, still manages to be amazing and fulfilling. Shawnee Smith is an MVP in this film, not only going through a series of unscripted shit between the other hostages of Jigsaw and having to endure being thrown and swimming into a pit of needles but also in being the twist villain who will carry on Jigsaw’s legacy.

The flaws, as stated, are definitely in this. The same ridiculous driving from the first movie makes an appearance with Tobin Bell and Donnie Wahlberg trying to get to the house. The editing for some scenes is also laughably ridiculous, but perhaps it’s attributed to being a product of it’s time. The metal music is also annoying, but probably a little less frequent in this than the first film.

There’s some really good traps and situations in this that make it separate from the first Saw, but still some nice connections to the original that are really cool.