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This review may contain spoilers.

Rewatching Saw never gets old. It’s an old classic delight, where the ending shines as one of the greatest twist moments and film endings to a movie. A stellar cast adds emotion and fear, the set design of the dreaded bathroom is outstanding and Jigsaw himself is a serial killer unlike any other.

Saw still has it’s flaws; an abundance of ridiculous metal music, horribly edited driving sequences featuring Danny Glover and Michael Emerson as well as some hiccups of silly acting here and there, but overall the film excels at mastering the art of a twist and incorporating the villain being right in front of our eyes the whole time, playing a sick but interesting game with his prisoners.

The soundtrack itself (not the rock music) is exceptionally catchy and rhythmic. There’s also just the right amount of gore here, which along the course of these films (and horror/thriller films in general) often lead to too much gore. The practical effects are great and although there’s some footage cutting around from one angle to the next, it does an good job of giving you a picture in your head of someone cutting their foot off rather than show you the whole thing. It’s masterful at providing you the right amount of which you should see instead of gallivanting a whole bloodfest before your eyes.

Fascinating and brilliant, one of my favorite endings to a movie and one of the best thrillers out there. Unfortunately it’s flaws bog it down in rating, but it’s still a great movie.