Three Days of the Condor

Three Days of the Condor ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Pretty disappointed in this, especially because the beginning to this movie started off so good and became very entertaining. About an hour in, it falls off the rails after Faye Dunaway randomly has passionate sex with Robert Redford when he’s holding her hostage in her own home. There’s moments of very entertaining action and tension, but the film fails to provide an interesting conclusion and the reasoning behind Redford’s coworkers getting mowed down in their office revolving around the hypothetical war with the Middle East over oil.

It doesn’t help that they ham-fisted the atrocious relationship between Dunaway and Redford and the fact that she’s actually cheating on her boyfriend who’s patiently waiting for her in Virginia. The romance was awful, the motivation was awful, so all that’s left was a few good action scenes (especially featuring the mailman) and some good trickery with the CIA via phone calls. Definitely would never watch this again and it’s not worth wasting my time over. Pretty crap film.

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