Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

What is Django Unchained exactly? A film that stirred up massive controversy upon it's release as a seemingly one-sided, and blatant propaganda for the fiery burning within African Americans and how they view slavery as a whole, is now, and rightly so, been hailed as one of the most critically acclaimed films of the decade so far.

It's a film that flips the preconceived notion that African Americans frequently are sidelined to being on the bitter end of the bargain where slavery movies are concerned, and allow them to see themselves in a leading role that allows them to vent out all their anger, feeding the fire in the process while nevertheless also addressing how we shouldn't let that blind us from what's in front of us. But Django Unchained is n't just about giving the minority a hero to root behind.

In the characters Quentin Tarantino writes into the screenplay, Django Unchained expresses its sharp views and ideologies through each of the central four - Django, Schultz, Candie, and Stephen. Django, as mentioned earlier represents the restrained fury and endless thirst for redemption sought out by African Americans at the time while presenting them with a tough, but not the perfect leading character. Schultz represents the idea of white sympathy and how not all of them are "evil" either through his naive understanding of how the rest of his race can enjoy things such as these or the way he consistently upends expectations of what the typical character of his race may do in such a situation. Calvin Candie, of course, represents the other end of the White spectrum, the unfeeling slavery master whose only care of those he enslaves comes in the form of business and little else. He's the very representation of terrifying, and embodies the typical "fiercely motivated business greed" to a T, and then we have Stephen, who represents the other side of the African American spectrum, the sell out, who hates his own kind and has been assimilated into thinking and believing his own status leaves him higher than his kindred, despite the fact that this is all fool's beliefs in hindsight.

But none of them are stereotypes and the film never treats them that way. Leave that to the screenplay, which adds plenty of depth to these characters, from the sharp one-liners to the attention to every detail, mannerism, and quirk that allow each actor to truly embody and make each character their own. As a result, you have this clash of personalities and behaviors that make for endlessly compelling viewing no matter how many times you watch, and a number of dueling sparrings between the cast members, who are all on top form here, to bounce off each other.

In my opinion, as humble. as it may be, this is Tarantino at his best. -

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