The Dead Don't Die ★★★

It's quite enjoyable, and honestly Adam Driver wielding a machete and being outfitted in police clothing is the hottest part of the film aside from Selena Gomez in tight shorts, but what's there beyond that?

Nothing but jack-hammered social commentary explained overly bluntly at the end, a meandering narrative, pointless characters who add nothing to the story, and arguably a bit *too* much self-winking meta-humor for it's own good as the finale doesn't seem to make any sense.

However, it's still *kind of* refreshing to see a genre film where the world is just kind of realistically moot to the zombie predicament.

It doesn't help that I've seen this film before, and it was called Shaun of the Dead. But it's still one of the more underrated of the year so far.

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