Bird Box ★★★★

gud movie in my opnion. as the movie begn i had no ida wat i was in four. as i watched on, i saw what i was in four. an exsiting trilur. starting off we learn what life is like in this crazy world. there is an apocolypse. during the movie we see many uynexpected things happen and learn more about this crazy apocolypse. the things that happen which i wont mention so i dont spoil are very surprising and fascinating. throughout the movie the movie we see how well the characters devlup too this tip of lyfe. the characters in the movie are being haunted by this crazy monster that we neber get to c. if you see nthis monster, you instantly become insane and kill yourself. people must walk the steets in blindfolds. however indoors, you are safe but you cannot look out the windo. the crew are set with many difficult taSKS SUCH AS TFAVELING to get resources and deelin awfully weird strangers too. the characters must find a way to survive. they find out about a refugee camp and must do everything they can to get to it, whrre they will be safe. overall id give this movie 4 stars. missing one star as the ending was quite predictable however the stroy was still decint.