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  • The Unknown

    The Unknown


    Literally everyone that walked into the living room and gave The Unknown a few seconds of their attention, ended up sitting through to the end. And literally everyone that did, giggled, and gasped, and "yooooo'd", and laughed (my wife even came in for a high five during a pivotal scene). I'm probably the worst person you could ask regarding the consitution of a quality silent film -- this being only my second one -- but I know quality entertainment when…

  • Hereditary



    Soul shaking, harrowing, and imbued with evil, Hereditary is absolutely one of the most unsettling cinematic experiences of my life. Often compared with Rosemary's Baby, Ari Aster delivers a blunter, more visceral take on parallel themes, demonstrating an obviously sinister propensity for emotional manipulation -- I left my viewing feeling scrambled, disoriented, and defeated. Much of it a result of the film's last few minutes, the images of which I'll likely never get out my head.

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  • Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation

    Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation


    "Eveybody gets mad because, I say these jokes. What you gotta understand is this is the best time to say 'em. More now than ever. And I know there's some comedians in the back, motherfuckers you have a resonsibility to speak recklessly...otherwise, my kids may never know what reckless talk sounds like"

    Don't let the intimate setup and smaller venue fool you into thinking this is the cool down; uh-uh. This is Dave heating up to some of the realist…

  • It



    Now here was a property that stood to benefit from high-budget filmmaking. It's prettier, scarier, better acted, better paced, and does Stephen King's written work some fantastic justice.

    Needless to say, this 2017 rendition obliterates the original, and stands as a rare example of modern horror done right.