Blood Machines ★★★

A gazey, horny trek into technicolor oblivion (the inside of a woman, apparently) played to the blood-pumping, heart-thumping tunes of Carpenter Brut. You've seen Turbo Killer, so there are similarities in energy and visual style (they both also make about the same amount of sense). Upside down cooch crosses, sexual inuendo, and shameless t & a — with one absolutely ridiculous sequence involving the rising of a sun over a bare ass, something that threw me into a guffaw-led double take (yep, that's no moon). The whole thing is crass, juvenile, and reminiscent of the vibes put out by stuff like Heavy Metal, Fire and Ice, or Danzig's Verotika comic (though no where near as explicit), and with much more in the way of gaudy visual flair.

There's a story in here somewhere (lost in-between the labyrinth of glowing vaginas and space cum), but it honestly doesn't matter. You're watching this because you want more Brut and more Brut visualizers to accompany his work. You get that with Blood Machines—in three flow-destroying parts! Enjoy.

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