Captain Marvel ★★★½

Weird and totally out there, “Captain Marvel” is a fresh take on the superhero origin story, that isn’t confined to its usual by-the-books structure. It’s structurally unique. It doesn’t feel formulaic in any way. It’s has an odd sense of humor, which albeit, is sometimes a bit too much. Brie Larson shines (quite literally) in a role that she brings a refreshing personality to. Ben Mendelson’s Talos is a huge highlight, and as always, Mendelson brings his A-game to a role that very easily could’ve been a disaster if not written carefully. Props to the writer’s, there’s some crazy ballsy shit in here that is going to cause a lot of nerd outrage and I cannot wait. Props also to the stunt and second unit teams. The fight scenes in this are excellently choreographed. I was kind of stunned. Was also stunned by some of the cinematography, up there with “Infinity War” and “Iron Man” as some of the best in the MCU.

Though “Captain Marvel” has some shortcomings especially due to its setting. It’s filled with 90s references that are just painfully on-the-nose. “Hey, guys, remember when computers were slow? Remember when BlockBuster was a thing? Remember when people liked Nine Inch Nails?” A few more weird edits, and some sag in its midsection.

 I can’t wait to see the nerd war that this movie is gonna cause by some of the plot decisions made. It’s gonna be beautiful.