Nerve ★★½

Nerve is an hour and thirty minutes of teeny-schlock and some dreamy ass cinematography. I'd be bullshitting if I said I wasn't entranced by the exuberance displayed by the actors and the silly story. 
It was *this fucking close* to being a great and relevant commentary on social media. Too bad the ending goes all limp-dick after spending the previous hour and twenty minutes jerkin' it. 
I can't stress just how spineless and lame the ending is. It's insulting. 
It's a fun, forgettable, pretty, lame movie. Teenage girls everywhere will love it. Guys too. 
Emily Meade shows her ass and that was nice. It may have been an ass double but still pretty good. 
Seriously none of the watchers were like "show yo titties bitch lmao $42000" to Emma, I guess the teenagers in this movie aren't degenerates like they are in real life. 
Juliette Lewis' roles have devolved into the concerned mother character. 
Hackerman!!! Dark web! Typing! Codes! HACKERMAN!!!
I'm genuinely starting to hate movies, guys. I expect too much from them. 
If I ever make movies I'm going to make them fucked up and consequential purely out of spite for all the shit I watch that doesn't have the balls to deliver on its promises. I'm sick of watching shit that just goes "you thought" all the time. 

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