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  • Dracula



    Well this is just delightfully weird. Obviously inspired by 1922's Nosferatu, Francis Ford Coppola enforced technical limitations on the kinds of effects that could be used in the film -- costuming, set design, performance, makeup, rear projection, double-exposure, matting, a host of early 20th century in-camera effects, without resorting to computer-generated imagery or optical work.

    The performances are a mixed bag, with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder being saddled with some of the hardest work relative to their experience, accent,…

  • It



    I have to give it to the 2017 re-adaptation in some respects: namely, that the flashback-intensive structure of this thing replaces plot - that is to say, a linear explication and increased understanding of the forces of antagonism, the marshaling of forces against it through adversity, and development of character through action - with incident. But the 1990 miniseries has some real verve and charm, though I wonder if it'd be even stronger in the hands of a De Palma…

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    There's a lot here. There's a LOT here. As a fan and apologist of Marvel House Style, I will reluctantly admit that where this film is at its most Marvel-y, it's at its weakest. But even liberalism, weak structural scaffolding, and the closed sandbox feel of a franchise movie, cannot dilute the revelatory power of the things Black Panther does do.

    Ryan Coogler and his fantastic cast use gesture and movement perhaps better than any blockbuster in history. The production…

  • Justice League

    Justice League

    Wow, this is a misfire on every conceivable level.

    After no fewer than four scenes jockeying for “first sequence” -- in no intelligible causal order, a ponderously slow and grating vertical cameraphone video of Superman, a ludicrous fakeout-fight leading to a cheesy parademon rumble and mind-boggling expository dump, an overwrought funeral montage set to a bad Leonard Cohen cover, and Wonder Woman doing sorta-superheroic things -- we're off to the races, in a totally batshit litany of seemingly disconnected events…