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  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins


    Reboots tend to be hit or miss...and it's safe to say that director, Christopher Nolan, hits this one head on.

    Christian Bale's portrayal of Batman neared PERFECTION as compared to George Clooney's that nearly wrecked the entire Batman franchise in 1997's, Batman & Robin.

    It's hard to believe Batman Begins was released nearly 13 years ago, but it goes to show the staying power of this movie.

    Rewatchability: Whenever you need to feel like superheroes are real.

  • The Founder

    The Founder


    The resurgence of Michael Keaton is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down, much like the character he plays in this movie, Ray Kroc.

    Keaton is as frustrating as he is conniving in this role, and he plays it flawlessly.

    Offerman's character summarized him best when he said, "I'm afraid that we've let a fox into the henhouse."

    Rewatchability: If you like to see small business owners get crushed.

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  • The Italian Job

    The Italian Job


    This movie defines the early 2000's with Mini Coopers, supporting acting from Seth Green and a full on porn stache from Edward Norton.

    The cast looks phenomenal on paper with the likes of Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and others. But the problem is that it's a decade too early and they haven't hit their acting peaks just yet.

    I still prefer Oceans 11, but I'm a sucker for Marky Mark, heists and Jason Statham unnecessarily wrecking vehicles.

    Rewatchability: Anytime it's on FX on a midsummer day.

  • This Means War

    This Means War


    Reese Witherspoon stars in the Bachelorette...on the big screen...oh boy.

    Chris Pine and Tom Hardy convincingly play lovable CIA agents, but do you really expect Pine to take any other sort of role?

    It's not all bad though.

    Hardy shows off a side of his acting chops that hasn't been seen throughout his filmography; romcom.

    He's publicly stated that he won't do this genre again, so it's worth the watch just to see how he pulls it off.

    Rewatchablity: Only if your spouse makes you.