Favorite films

  • On the Silver Globe
  • The Hourglass Sanatorium
  • Io Island
  • The Age of the Earth

Recent activity

  • Street Mobster


  • The American Friend


  • Last Year at Marienbad


  • A Man Escaped


Recent reviews

  • The Booksellers

    The Booksellers


    Books or cinema? That is the question.

    Answer: books

  • Island of Death

    Island of Death


    We will never experience another decade like the seventies. It truly was one of the most prolific junctions of broad spectrum creativity and don’t-give-a-fuck dramaturgy. While this is by no means a masterpiece, the sheer lunacy of it all is commendable: it’s a prime example of the kind of creative freedom that filmmakers were permitted, for better or worse. If only we could revive a fraction of the collective elan vital channeling through the film industry at that time.

Popular reviews

  • Joker



    The only commentary that this film successfully conveys is how shallow modern audiences have become. When I think of the truly authentic films that were overlooked this year in favor of this 2hr screensaver, my stomach drops. It’s well-constructed aesthetically with a great score, but is that really an accomplishment? Is a slight shift in approach to a worn out narrative really an achievement worthy of high praise? It’s not even a successful character study, if anything it’s merely a trailer of a half-realized cartoon character.

  • Parasite



    Wow! The hype over this film is absolutely justified. I’m speechless. I expected to enjoy it, but damn... this was incredible!