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  • Ghostland



    Complicated feelings on this one. It's unforgivable when a safety failure needlessly disfigures a young actor. Full stop. No movie is worth it, and especially not this one.

    If it's even possible to put that aside, the film as it exists is competent and carries a few tricks up its sleeve--the biggest of which you'll see coming a mile away. The film doesn't hold even a thimble of the power beamed through any frame of Martyrs, but I also found…

  • The Purple Rose of Cairo

    The Purple Rose of Cairo


    About that weirdly specific feeling you have when you fall in love with a character on a movie screen, and you just want them to be real and in your presence because you're sure they would immediately fall in love with you too, but you know deep down that if you ever meet the real actor behind the character, they'll just disappoint you.

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  • Cats



    Bustopher Jones, Jennyanydots, Gus the Theatre Cat, and Skimbleshanks combining their powers to fight off evil Macavity and Growltiger is Avengers: Endgame for high school theater kids.

  • Leaves of Grass

    Leaves of Grass


    Tries to be funny and dark and quirky and violent, but the script needs at least two Coen brothers to work, and I count only zero Coen brothers.