A Most Wanted Man

A Most Wanted Man ★★★½

A by the numbers spy thriller that hammers home that loyalty is a mere joke in the spy world. But its Corbijn and Hoffman that elevate the material to something special. Corbijn has such district eye, the modern architecture of Hamburg serving as a maze into which all of our characters find themselves trapped in. And Phillip Seymour Hoffman's German accent is impeccable (I lived there for a while, so I know a little what I'm talking about). Accent aside, he creates a character who embodies the frustration of an organization that doesn't exist, that is not recognized by any government yet still has to play real life games of risk, whose failure result in events like 9/11.

There's a scene in which he punches a drunk in a bar that is the perfect microcosm of what the film is about. It's a scene that tells you everything you need to know about the character as well.

The rest of the cast is mostly wasted. They are too talented for the nothing roles which have a line or two of dialogue. Nina Hoss and Daniel Bruhl especially.

good heavens, does Rachel Adams look great riding a bike.

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