Us ★★★½

I just... I don't know man. Us is definetly good, it's got a vision behind it, a clear style and vibe to it and is backed up by some pretty stellar performances.

I don't know how to word this properly, maybe I myself just didn't really understand it, but I feel like this movies thinks it's smarter than it is. It presents some pretty vague and confusing concepts while either explaining too much or too little. There are a lot of pieces to this story and they just don't fit together as snuggly as I want them to. I don't get behind the rules of this world and how certain things are supposed to work.

I bet all of this sounds completely nonsensical whithout having seen the movie. I can completely get behind it's presentation, it's great use of reintroducing elements of the story that at first seemed random and mundane, the choice of music and the very interesting editing in some parts.

Overall I'd say it's worth a watch, it's riveting through and through, but different to Peele's Get Out it doesn't conclude in a very satisfying way.

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