That Man from Rio ★★★★

Belmondo Comes to Brazil exemplifies what we've lost in our attempts to shanghai more and more great cartoons into the domain of cheerless CGI spectacle and "live action": their spontaneity and jouissance.

Our guy plays an infantryman whose drugged and slap happy daughter of an archaeologist girlfriend keeps getting kidnapped, and so he must trip and tumble across Brazil to save her.

Every gag arrives unexpectedly and lands delightfully, whereas in films made by husks in suits who've never been touched by a great silent comedy nor anything else, everything has been over-choreographed beyond the point that all pleasure is nullified.

As continually reiterated: this is Indiana Jones with a real beating heart instead of mere prosthesis. Ironic that Tarantino is accused of empty pastiche when all Spielberg added was a little spectacle and admittedly far stronger iconography, but of course in the end that's what pop art is about.

The only complaint one could possibly make that would rob this of a perfect score is that it's 116 minutes where it could have been an impeccably neat 105, or perhaps less as the leading pair completely steals the show from any attempts at protracted plotting and any scene without them is largely wasted.

A shame they mans never got to play Lupin. That's the only cartoon adaptation I'd ever want to see, and since he is pushing 90 our only choice is to stop making them I guess.

Yours Truly,
That Guy from Online