Enola Holmes ★★

the 4th wall breaks made this painful to sit through. the plot was confusing at times and i found it hard to pay attention. and look, if young girls love this film, that’s great. films are a form of art and all art is subjective. and i’m glad teenage girls nowadays have movies like this. it amazes me how much more diverse media kids and teenagers have these days compared to when i was growing up, which wasn’t even that long ago (i’m 21). but that doesn’t change my personal opinion on this film. i just wasn’t very interested or entertained while watching. also...did millie’s acting seem not great to anyone? or perhaps i just have high expectations after being wowed by her performance in stranger things. actually, i wasn’t super impressed with any of the actors in this film, which leads me to believe the issue lies with writing and directing rather than talent and ability. 

in short, my main issues/suggestions: cut the 4th wall breaking, give henry cavill more screen time and have him be more charismatic, and reveal information naturally through plot rather than having a ton of “background info” scenes jammed in.

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