Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★½

Well that was a great way to get over my recent trend of hating everything. Evil Dead 2 is an insanely fun movie from beginning to end, and never lets up on finding creative ways to use the camera and practical effects to make something that is just always crazy, and always very, very entertaining.

The campiness from the first film is ratcheted up tenfold, and Bruce Campbell is definitely game. It's easy to see why Campbell is regarded as, sort of the king of B-movies, because he is so willing to go completely over-the-top goofy that you have to laugh, and simultaneously be impressed. The whole bit in the middle of the film where his hand is possessed is just an wonderfully executed piece of physical comedy, that Campbell just throws himself into, caution to the wind.

The budget has been significantly inflated for the sequel to Evil Dead, but it's lo-fi charm is still very much intact. No real CGI to be seen here, just lots of creative camera shots and downright ghoulish stop-motion animation. The whole movie is clearly a labor of love from all involved, fulfilling all of the dreams that Sam Raimi had for the first movie, while finally having the cash resources to see it all come true.

Evil Dead 2 is mindless entertainment, but it's some of the absolute best mindless entertainment you could ever ask for. This is the kind of movie I go to when I'm in a bad mood, not only is it one of the best pieces of 80s horror, but it is inspiring in how you can feel the passion of the forces behind the camera for the project. Definitely a classic.