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  • Black Moon

    Black Moon


    Very heavily allegorical; saying something about the sexes but god knows what. I don’t mind not knowing. For a film so nebulous and with such sweet visual composition, I probably had a better time enjoying it on a more mindless and superficial level like I do my own dreams.

  • Land of Milk and Honey

    Land of Milk and Honey


    I'm usually a sucker for this type of messy documentary. Scattered shots of people existing at a certain time in a certain place is interesting in itself, and that's where the bulk of this film's merit comes from (for me, anyway). But Étaix makes it a little too clear that he sees people as dopey, ugly things. Too many shots of, like, fat people itching themselves, and interviewees giving dumb answers. Consumerism, gluttony, anti-intellectualism, etc. are perfectly legitimate things to criticize, but the film comes off as a bit more misanthropic than insightful.

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  • Cool as Ice

    Cool as Ice


    I'm entitled to my opinion

  • Fantastic Planet

    Fantastic Planet


    Though it has its share of flaws (like a very disappointing ending), I have to admit this film has a totally unique feel. Mostly due to its animation. It's bizarre, and stiff (the characters don't move like people; in fact they hardly move at all), and I personally found there to be something so, so discomforting about it. People keep comparing its style to some kind of Hieronymus Bosch and Terry Gilliam collaboration. And the funky avant garde rock score…